github dagster-io/dagster 0.9.15

Breaking Changes

  • CeleryDockerExecutor no longer requires a repo_location_name config field.


  • Dagit: Warn on tab removal in playground
  • Display versions CLI: Added a new CLI that displays version information for a memoized run. Called via dagster pipeline list_versions.
  • CeleryDockerExecutor accepts a network field to configure the network settings for the Docker container it connects to for execution.
  • Dagit will now set a statement timeout on supported instance DBs. Defaults to 5s and can be controlled with the --db-statement-timeout flag

Community Contributions

  • dagster grpc requirements are now more friendly for users (thanks @jmo-qap!)
  • dagster.utils now has is_str (thanks @monicayao!)
  • dagster-pandas can now load dataframes from pickle (thanks @mrdrprofuroboros!)
  • dagster-ge validation solid factory now accepts name (thanks @haydarai!)


  • Dagit bugfixes and improvements
  • Fixed an issue where dagster could fail to load large pipelines.
  • Fixed a bug where experimental arg warning would be thrown even when not using versioned dagster type loaders.
  • Fixed a bug where CeleryDockerExecutor was failing to execute pipelines unless they used a legacy workspace config.
  • Fixed a bug where pipeline runs using IntMetadataEntryData could not be visualized in dagit.


  • Improve the output structure of dagster-dbt solids.
  • Version-based memoization over outputs stored in the intermediate store now works


  • Fix a code snippet rendering issue in Overview: Assets & Materializations
  • Fixed all python code snippets alignment across docs examples
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