github dagster-io/dagster 0.9.14



  • Steps down stream of a failed step no longer report skip events and instead simply do not execute.
  • dagit-debug can load multiple debug files.
  • dagit now has a Debug Console Logging feature flag accessible at /flags .
  • Telemetry metrics are now taken when scheduled jobs are executed.
  • With memoized reexecution, we now only copy outputs that current plan won't generate
  • Document titles throughout dagit

Community Contributions

  • [dagster-ge] solid factory can now handle arbitrary types (thanks @sd2k!)
  • [dagster-dask] utility options are now available in loader/materializer for Dask DataFrame (thanks @kinghuang!)


  • Fixed an issue where run termination would sometimes be ignored or leave the execution process hanging
  • [dagster-k8s] fixed issue that would cause timeouts on clusters with many jobs
  • Fixed an issue where reconstructable was unusable in an interactive environment, even when the pipeline is defined in a different module.
  • Bugfixes and UX improvements in dagit


  • AssetMaterializations now have an optional “partition” attribute
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3 months ago