github dagster-io/dagster 0.9.12

Breaking Changes

  • Dagster now warns when a solid, pipeline, or other definition is created with an invalid name (for example, a Python keyword). This warning will become an error in the 0.9.13 release.

Community Contributions

  • Added an int type to EventMetadataEntry (Thanks @ChocoletMousse !)
  • Added a build_composite_solid_definition method to Lakehouse (Thanks @sd2k!)
  • Improved broken link detection in Dagster docs (Thanks @keyz !)


  • Improvements to log filtering on Run view in Dagit
  • Improvements to instance level scheduler page
  • Emit engine events when pipeline termination is initiated
  • Published the Lakehouse module to PyPI


  • Syntax errors in user code now display the file and line number with the error in Dagit.
  • Dask executor no longer fails when using intermediate_storage
  • Fixes an issue using `build_reconstructable_pipeline
  • In the Celery K8s executor, we now mark the step as failed when the step job fails
  • Changed DagsterInvalidAssetKey error so that it no longer fails upon being thrown.


  • Added API docs for dagster-dbt experimental library.
  • Fixed some cosmetic issues with
  • Added code snippets from Solids examples to test path, and fixed some inconsistencies regarding parameter ordering.
  • Changed to using markers instead of exact line numbers to mark out code snippets
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