github dagster-io/dagster 0.9.11

Breaking Changes

  • [dagster-dask] Removed the compute option from Dask DataFrame materialization configs for all output types. Setting this option to False (default True) would result in a future that is never computed, leading to missing materializations

Community Contributions


  • Console log messages are now streamlined to live on a single line per message
  • Added better messaging around $DAGSTER_HOME if it is not set or improperly setup when starting up a Dagster instance
  • Tools for exporting a file for debugging a run have been added:
    • dagster debug export - a new CLI entry added for exporting a run by id to a file
    • dagit-debug - a new CLI added for loading dagit with a run to debug
    • dagit now has a button to download the debug file for a run via the action menu on the runs page
  • The dagster api grpc command now defaults to the current working directory if none is specified
  • Added retries to dagster-postgres connections
  • Fixed faulty warning message when invoking the same solid multiple times in the same context
  • Added ability to specify custom liveness probe for celery workers in kubernetes deployment


  • Fixed a bug where Dagster types like List/Set/Tuple/Dict/Optional were not displaying properly on dagit logs
  • Fixed endless spinners on dagit --empty-workspace
  • Fixed incorrect snapshot banner on pipeline view
  • Fixed visual overlapping of overflowing dagit logs
  • Fixed a bug where hanging runs when executing against a gRPC server could cause the Runs page to be unable to load
  • Fixed a bug in celery integration where celery tasks could return None when an iterable is expected, causing errors in the celery execution loop.


  • [lakehouse] Each time a Lakehouse solid updates an asset, it automatically generates an AssetMaterialization event
  • [lakehouse] Lakehouse computed_assets now accept a version argument that describes the version of the computation
  • Setting the “dagster/is_memoized_run” tag to true will cause the run to skip any steps whose versions match the versions of outputs produced in prior runs.
  • [dagster-dbt] Solids for running dbt CLI commands
  • Added extensive documentation to illuminate how versions are computed
  • Added versions for step inputs from config, default values, and from other step outputs
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