github dagster-io/dagster 0.9.0

Breaking Changes

  • The dagit key is no longer part of the instance configuration schema and must be removed from dagster.yaml files before they can be used.
  • -d can no longer be used as a command-line argument to specify a mode. Use --mode instead.
  • Use --preset instead of --preset-name to specify a preset to the pipeline launch command.
  • We have removed the config argument to the ConfigMapping, @composite_solid, @solid, SolidDefinition, @executor, ExecutorDefinition, @logger, LoggerDefinition, @resource, and ResourceDefinition APIs, which we deprecated in 0.8.0. Use config_schema instead.


  • Python 3.8 is now fully supported.
  • -d or --working-directory can be used to specify a working directory in any command that
    takes in a -f or --python_file argument.
  • Removed the deprecation of create_dagster_pandas_dataframe_type. This is the currently
    supported API for custom pandas data frame type creation.
  • Removed gevent dependency from dagster
  • New configured API for predefining configuration for various definitions:
  • Added hooks to enable success and failure handling policies on pipelines. This enables users to set up policies on all solids within a pipeline or on a per solid basis. Example usage can be found here
  • New instance level view of Scheduler and running schedules
  • dagster-graphql is now only required in dagit images.
latest releases: 0.10.0, 0.10.0.pre0, 0.9.22.post0...
5 months ago