github dagster-io/dagster 0.8.6

Breaking Changes

  • The dagster-celery module has been broken apart to manage dependencies more coherently. There are now three modules: dagster celery, dagster-celery-k8s, and dagster-celery-docker.
  • Related to above, the dagster-celery worker start command now takes a required -A parameter which must point to the file within the appropriate module. E.g if you are using the celery_k8s_job_executor then you must use the -A option when using the celery or dagster-celery cli tools. Similar for the celery_docker_executor: -A must be used.
  • Renamed the input_hydration_config and output_materialization_config decorators to dagster_type_ and dagster_type_materializer respectively. Renamed DagsterType's input_hydration_config and output_materialization_config arguments to loader and materializer respectively.


  • New pipeline scoped runs tab in Dagit
  • Add the following Dask Job Queue clusters: moab, sge, lsf, slurm, oar (thanks @DavidKatz-il!)
  • K8s resource-requirements for run coordinator pods can be specified using the dagster-k8s/resource_requirements tag on pipeline definitions:
          'dagster-k8s/resource_requirements': {
              'requests': {'cpu': '250m', 'memory': '64Mi'},
              'limits': {'cpu': '500m', 'memory': '2560Mi'},
  def foo_bar_pipeline():
  • Added better error messaging in dagit for partition set and schedule configuration errors
  • An initial version of the CeleryDockerExecutor was added (thanks @mrdrprofuroboros!). The celery workers will launch tasks in docker containers.
  • Experimental: Great Expectations integration is currently under development in the new library dagster-ge. Example usage can be found here
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