github dagster-io/dagster 0.8.3

Breaking Changes

  • Previously, the gcs_resource returned a GCSResource wrapper which had a single client property that returned a Now, the gcs_resource returns the client directly.

To update solids that use the gcp_resource, change:





  • Introduced a new Python API reexecute_pipeline to reexecute an existing pipeline run.
  • Performance improvements in Pipeline Overview and other pages.
  • Long metadata entries in the asset details view are now scrollable.
  • Added a project field to the gcs_resource in dagster_gcp.
  • Added new CLI command dagster asset wipe to remove all existing asset keys.


  • Several Dagit bugfixes and performance improvements
  • Fixes pipeline execution issue with custom run launchers that call executeRunInProcess.
  • Updates dagster schedule up output to be repository location scoped
latest releases: 0.10.0, 0.10.0.pre0, 0.9.22.post0...
7 months ago