github dagster-io/dagster 0.7.6

Breaking Changes

  • default_value in Field no longer accepts native instances of python enums. Instead
    the underlying string representation in the config system must be used.
  • default_value in Field no longer accepts callables.
  • The dagster_aws imports have been reorganized; you should now import resources from
    dagster_aws.<AWS service name>. dagster_aws provides s3, emr, redshift, and cloudwatch
  • The dagster_aws S3 resource no longer attempts to model the underlying boto3 API, and you can
    now just use any boto3 S3 API directly on a S3 resource, e.g.
    context.resources.s3.list_objects_v2. (#2292)


  • New Playground view in dagit showing an interactive config map
  • Improved storage and UI for showing schedule attempts
  • Added the ability to set default values in InputDefinition
  • Added CLI command dagster pipeline launch to launch runs using a configured RunLauncher
  • Added ability to specify pipeline run tags using the CLI
  • Added a pdb utility to SolidExecutionContext to help with debugging, available within a solid as context.pdb
  • Added PresetDefinition.with_additional_config to allow for config overrides
  • Added resource name to log messages generated during resource initialization
  • Added grouping tags for runs that have been retried / reexecuted.


  • Fixed a bug where date range partitions with a specified end date was clipping the last day
  • Fixed an issue where some schedule attempts that failed to start would be marked running forever.
  • Fixed the @weekly partitioned schedule decorator
  • Fixed timezone inconsistencies between the runs view and the schedules view
  • Integers are now accepted as valid values for Float config fields
  • Fixed an issue when executing dagstermill solids with config that contained quote characters.


  • The Jupyter kernel to use may now be specified when creating dagster notebooks with the --kernel flag.


  • dbt_solid now has a Nothing input to allow for sequencing


  • Added get_celery_engine_config to select celery engine, leveraging Celery infrastructure


  • Improvements to the airline and bay bikes demos
  • Improvements to our dask deployment docs (Thanks jswaney!!)
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