github dagster-io/dagster 0.7.5


  • Added the IntSource type, which lets integers be set from environment variables in config.

  • You may now set tags on pipeline definitions. These will resolve in the following cases:

    1. Loading in the playground view in Dagit will pre-populate the tag container.
    2. Loading partition sets from the preset/config picker will pre-populate the tag container with
      the union of pipeline tags and partition tags, with partition tags taking precedence.
    3. Executing from the CLI will generate runs with the pipeline tags.
    4. Executing programmatically using the execute_pipeline api will create a run with the union
      of pipeline tags and RunConfig tags, with RunConfig tags taking precedence.
    5. Scheduled runs (both launched and executed) will have the union of pipeline tags and the
      schedule tags function, with the schedule tags taking precedence.
  • Output materialization configs may now yield multiple Materializations, and the tutorial has
    been updated to reflect this.

  • We now export the SolidExecutionContext in the public API so that users can correctly type hint
    solid compute functions.


  • Pipeline run tags are now preserved when resuming/retrying from Dagit.
  • Scheduled run stats are now grouped by partition.
  • A "preparing" section has been added to the execution viewer. This shows steps that are in
    progress of starting execution.
  • Markers emitted by the underlying execution engines are now visualized in the Dagit execution


  • Resume/retry now works as expected in the presence of solids that yield optional outputs.
  • Fixed an issue where dagster-celery workers were failing to start in the presence of config
    values that were None.
  • Fixed an issue with attempting to set threads_per_worker on Dask distributed clusters.


  • All postgres config may now be set using environment variables in config.


  • The s3_resource now exposes a list_objects_v2 method corresponding to the underlying boto3
    API. (Thanks, @basilvetas!)
  • Added the redshift_resource to access Redshift databases.


  • The K8sRunLauncher config now includes the load_kubeconfig and kubeconfig_file options.


  • Fixes and improvements.


  • dagster-airflow no longer pins its werkzeug dependency.


  • We've added opt-in telemetry to Dagster so we can collect usage statistics in order to inform
    development priorities. Telemetry data will motivate projects such as adding features in
    frequently-used parts of the CLI and adding more examples in the docs in areas where users
    encounter more errors.

We will not see or store solid definitions (including generated context) or pipeline definitions
(including modes and resources). We will not see or store any data that is processed within solids
and pipelines.

If you'd like to opt in to telemetry, please add the following to $DAGSTER_HOME/dagster.yaml:

    enabled: true
  • Thanks to @basilvetas and @hspak for their contributions!
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