github dagster-io/dagster 0.7.4


  • It is now possible to use Postgres to back schedule storage by configuring
    dagster_postgres.PostgresScheduleStorage on the instance.
  • Added the execute_pipeline_with_mode API to allow executing a pipeline in test with a specific
    mode without having to specify RunConfig.
  • Experimental support for retries in the Celery executor.
  • It is now possible to set run-level priorities for backfills run using the Celery executor by
    passing --celery-base-priority to dagster pipeline backfill.
  • Added the @weekly schedule decorator.


  • The dagster-ge library has been removed from this release due to drift from the underlying
    Great Expectations implementation.


  • PandasColumn now includes an is_optional flag, replacing the previous
  • You can now pass the ignore_missing_values flag to PandasColumn in order to apply column
    constraints only to the non-missing rows in a column.


  • The Helm chart now includes provision for an Ingress and for multiple Celery queues.


  • Improvements and fixes.
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9 months ago