github dagster-io/dagster 0.7.13

Breaking Changes

  • dagster pipeline backfill command no longer takes a mode flag. Instead, it uses the mode specified on the PartitionSetDefinition. Similarly, the runs created from the backfill also use the solid_subset specified on the PartitionSetDefinition


  • Fixes a bug where using solid subsets when launching pipeline runs would fail config validation.
  • (dagster-gcp) allow multiple "bq_solid_for_queries" solids to co-exist in a pipeline
  • Improve scheduler state reconciliation with dagster-cron scheduler. dagster schedule debug command will display issues related to missing crob jobs, extraneous cron jobs, and duplicate cron jobs. Running dagster schedule up will fix any issues.


  • The dagster-airflow package now supports loading Airflow dags without depending on an initialized Airflow database.
  • Improvements to the longitudinal partitioned schedule view, including live updates, run filtering, and better default states.
  • Added user warning for dagster library packages that are out of sync with the core dagster package.
latest releases: 0.10.1.pre0, 0.10.1, 0.10.0...
8 months ago