github dagster-io/dagster 0.7.10


  • RepositoryDefinition now takes schedule_defs and partition_set_defs directly. The loading
    scheme for these definitions via repository.yaml under the scheduler: and partitions: keys
    is deprecated and expected to be removed in 0.8.0.
  • Mark published modules as python 3.8 compatible.
  • The dagster-airflow package supports loading all Airflow DAGs within a directory path, file path,
    or Airflow DagBag.
  • The dagster-airflow package supports loading all 23 DAGs in Airflow example_dags folder and
    execution of 17 of them (see: make_dagster_repo_from_airflow_example_dags).
  • The dagster-celery CLI tools now allow you to pass additional arguments through to the underlying
    celery CLI, e.g., running dagster-celery worker start -n my-worker -- --uid=42 will pass the
    --uid flag to celery.
  • It is now possible to create a PresetDefinition that has no environment defined.
  • Added dagster schedule debug command to help debug scheduler state.
  • The SystemCronScheduler now verifies that a cron job has been successfully been added to the
    crontab when turning a schedule on, and shows an error message if unsuccessful.

Breaking Changes

  • A dagster instance migrate is required for this release to support the new experimental assets
  • Runs created prior to 0.7.8 will no longer render their execution plans as DAGs. We are only
    rendering execution plans that have been persisted. Logs are still available.
  • Path is no longer valid in config schemas. Use str or dagster.String instead.
  • Removed the @pyspark_solid decorator - its functionality, which was experimental, is subsumed by
    requiring a StepLauncher resource (e.g. emr_pyspark_step_launcher) on the solid.


  • Merged "re-execute", "single-step re-execute", "resume/retry" buttons into one "re-execute" button
    with three dropdown selections on the Run page.


  • Added new asset_key string parameter to Materializations and created a new “Assets” tab in Dagit
    to view pipelines and runs associated with these keys. The API and UI of these asset-based are
    likely to change, but feedback is welcome and will be used to inform these changes.
  • Added an emr_pyspark_step_launcher that enables launching PySpark solids in EMR. The
    "simple_pyspark" example demonstrates how it’s used.


  • Fixed an issue when running Jupyter notebooks in a Python 2 kernel through dagstermill with dagster
    running in Python 3.
  • Improved error messages produced when dagstermill spins up an in-notebook context.
  • Fixed an issue with retrieving step events from CompositeSolidResult objects.
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