github dagger/dagger v0.6.1

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6 months ago

What's Changed

  • cache: Bump import timeout. by @sipsma in #5200
  • engine: enable full goroutine stack trace dump in trace logs. by @sipsma in #5204
  • tui: Add fallback for runtime dir permission denied errors. by @sipsma in #5210
  • cache: return error if cacheservice scheme is not supported by @marcosnils in #5211
  • engine: handle LogOutput being nil by @sipsma in #5215
  • add -s / --silent for disabling TUI by @vito in #5218
  • mc: add auth token via env var to cacheservice by @marcosnils in #5225
  • Initialize secret scrubbing logic only when secrets are set by @matiasinsaurralde in #5217
  • Container.Export: mkdir destination parent dir by @vito in #5221
  • feat: follow graphQL spec when encoding UTF-8 unicodes (Go SDK) by @grouville in #5169
  • engine: update buildkit to commit w/ more cache ref logs by @sipsma in #5223
  • Retry connecting to buildkit for 3 minutes. by @jlongtine in #5222
  • bump progrock for gRPC + resilient draining by @vito in #5228
  • fix dagger listen TUI integration by @vito in #5219
  • simplify progrock socket location by @vito in #5234
  • Prevent concurrent/leaked mutation in a couple of spots by @vito in #5233
  • feat: update dagger/graphql import commit to rely on extended Int64 scalar by @grouville in #5227
  • dagger run: support redirecting stdout/stderr by @vito in #5231
  • add dagger login/logout commands by @vito in #5132
  • Interactive TUI: better failure handling by @vito in #5232
  • tui: avoid unnecessary byte/string conversion by @Juneezee in #5237
  • Update retries to 10 minutes by @jlongtine in #5246
  • bump vt100 to v0.1.2 to fix panic by @vito in #5247

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