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7 months ago

What's Changed

  • Set HTTP source filename to be URL. by @sipsma in #4927
  • Container: add withExec(skipEntrypoint: Boolean) by @vito in #4919
  • collect label by @vito in #4933
  • Add support for cache service. by @sipsma in #4923
  • Add ability for clients to print which engine they are connected to. by @sipsma in #4909
  • Print engine name to it's own logs by @sipsma in #4964
  • Fix goroutine leak in cache import. by @sipsma in #4970
  • Flush cache mounts on cache manager close. by @sipsma in #4980
  • fix flock usage for addnhosts by @vito in #4983
  • feat: pass secrets to Container.Build and Directory.Build by @dolanor in #4971
  • fix out-of-order event delivery by @vito in #4996
  • fix(tui): added h and l as alt collapse/expand bindings by @busla in #4997
  • Support configuring ownership (almost) everywhere by @vito in #4932
  • /core: refactor away from fooIDPayload pattern by @vito in #4973
  • Use background context to release gateway containers. by @sipsma in #5005
  • Add some more debug endpoints to the engine process. by @sipsma in #5003
  • keep 755 perms for cache with changed owner by @vito in #5006
  • TUI: support PgUp/PgDn/Home/End in log output by @vito in #4998
  • strip sourcemap from Dockerfile builds by @vito in #5012
  • engine/cache: release refs after push by @sipsma in #5022
  • dnsmasq: stability improvements + greater debuggability by @vito in #5015
  • Ensure engine exits 0 when it receives SIGTERM/SIGINT. by @sipsma in #5024
  • engine: Ensure that dnsmasq subprocess is killed by @sipsma in #5032
  • engine: upgrade buildkit to fix for cache ref leak by @sipsma in #5031
  • core: Implicitly call entrypoint + defaultArgs when needed by @helderco in #5039

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