github dagger/dagger v0.5.0

8 months ago

What's Changed

  • engine: Use MergeOp to optimize size of CombinedResult. by @sipsma in #4824
  • Add flag for configuring max parallel execs in engine. by @sipsma in #4834
  • Use a more flexible way to collect data from GitHub events by @vito in #4847
  • collect label by @vito in #4849
  • feat: scrub secrets containing whitespace by @dolanor in #4772
  • feat!: deprecate HostVariable.secret in favor of setSecret by @dolanor in #4862
  • fix(secrets): remove 'r' from .with_registry_auth statement by @rgruyters in #4873
  • Update to latest buildkit commit. by @sipsma in #4879
  • Safeguard pdeathsig usage in shim w/ os thread lock. by @sipsma in #4886
  • Interactive logs via dagger run by @aluzzardi in #4522
  • Container: add import API by @vito in #4876
  • Add more debug log lines to engine start. by @sipsma in #4901
  • withExposedPort also exposes port in OCI image config by @vito in #4900
  • feat: Allow labels to be specified on dagger session. Add default labels. by @grouville in #4802
  • feat: append information to dagger session user_agent flags by @grouville in #4892
  • Set secret store in engine internal session. by @sipsma in #4903

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