github dagger/dagger v0.2.0-alpha.4

22 months ago


  • eaf665d Bump up docusaurus theme + downgrade mdx-js/react causing issue with docusaurus config
  • 1b17d3b Do not run lint & tests on unrelated file changes
  • fab39bf Fix docs lint errors
  • c9a8159 Set the version when installing via make install
  • 354334a Simplify docker.#Run
  • bcd175e Use paths instead of paths-ignore for trigerring actions
  • d1103b1 build(deps): bump @mdx-js/react from 1.6.22 to 2.0.0 in /website
  • 2800040 build(deps): bump sass from 1.49.0 to 1.49.4 in /website
  • ca2902f build(deps): bump sass from 1.49.4 to 1.49.7 in /website
  • adea6b8 build(deps-dev): bump cypress from 9.3.1 to 9.4.1 in /website
  • a087161 implemented #DecodeSecret as engine task
  • 3ce41fe improved handling of p []cue.Selector
  • f3a75f8 improved handling of p []cue.Selector in for loop
  • 55a9c91 logger: collapse logs for hidden fields
  • bd0f276 typo: Fix some minor typos.
  • 1d1ce2b universe: add note about package pinning for later

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