github dagger/dagger v0.2.0-alpha.3

22 months ago


  • d3dca12 Implement modifications for engine.#Dockerfile tests, and fix lint errors
  • 5719ccb Add a new make target that provisions dagger-ci declaratively
  • 9e33a09 Add docker.#Set for updating image metadata
  • 813a476 Add outputs.files task to plan
  • 26b2ef8 Add tests on docker.#Build definition - Simple build test - Multi step to build a go binary
  • cc54aa6 Clean up changes from #1505
  • b0b84db Close #ImageConfig
  • 472a86d Display caution message about docker requirement
  • 5de86cb Embed all files instead of just cue file
  • 1f97da4 Fix nested vendoring
  • 6f5095e Fix permissions issue and doc generation issue
  • ac30274 Implement modifications for engine.#Pull, engine.#Push, docker.#Push, docker.#Pull
  • 1a98c57 Make ParseAuthHost public
  • c276a8b Make env in ImageConfig a map
  • 7778389 Modify #Push, #Pull tests
  • 32b48f7 Optimize tests with simpler workflow
  • b33d6b2 Remove dependence on project, use cue.mod path.
  • 938444a Remove project + Project telemetry
  • 0be326a Restore all disabled tests that depend on ssh
  • 3f5f4af Restore auto-release time to the original value
  • fcd90fa Solves #1512
  • 6db4216 Tests!
  • dcef295 Use image.config in docker.#Run
  • 4f2c6e5 added DecodeSecret as a wrapper to TransformSecret; supports yaml and json secrets
  • a116300 build(deps): bump @docusaurus/core in /website
  • b838e09 build(deps): bump @svgr/webpack from 6.2.0 to 6.2.1 in /website
  • 6bb8786 build(deps): bump amplitude-js from 8.16.0 to 8.16.1 in /website
  • 056ab76 build(deps): bump from 1.43.0 to 1.44.0
  • 0de625e cue fmt
  • 7eb10f9 engine.#Copy matches docker.#Copy
  • 3a90542 engine.#Source: Fix relative path support
  • 23b0721 fix universe packages
  • 6ef7c4c fix: 🐛 improve message consistency + log error
  • 75c275c fix: 🐛 log error while removing buildkit instead of returning one
  • 900f232 fix: Build from source instructions
  • 9d899a6 fixed lint issue
  • da58dfa fixed shadowing
  • 3292771 moved FillPath outside of Walk
  • a3c9c00 moved secret.MarshalCUE to outside of Walk
  • d2472c5 using map[string]string and moved Secrets.New outside of Walk
  • e38be1a value.Walk: fix data race

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