github dagger/dagger v0.1.0-alpha.6

latest releases: helm/chart/v0.1.0, sdk/elixir/v0.9.3, sdk/nodejs/v0.9.3...
2 years ago


8ce8e8e Add #Push definition and tests
24aee99 Add test for docker example
b01b118 Hide global flags for version command.
df564dd added helpers Dereference, Default, Concrete options to compiler.Value
900cc82 build(deps): bump from 0.4.0-beta.1 to 0.4.0-beta.2
d265dac build(deps): bump from 0.4.0-beta.2 to 0.4.0-rc.1
1e86f90 build(deps): bump from 1.21.0 to 1.22.0
9b83cd6 build(deps): bump
a0cdf77 build(deps): bump from 1.37.0 to 1.37.1
96b900e ci: markdown lint
7484df4 clean up comments
15f3052 cleanup: remove leftover file
c86f75f cmd/input: implemented UI for list cmd
ef8995b cmd/input: removed unused option
a8837aa cmd/inputs: added --all option to list
223e3f6 cue fmt
f291994 dagger/compiler: added value.HasAttr
6b73de7 detect reference on cue conjunction
8b546ac examples/simple-s3: force cache
a369c7a examples: simple-s3: converted to inputs attributes for testing
49176b9 fix path
54e8a62 implemented @dagger(input) attributes to detect inputs
5692acc implemented fetch-git buildkit options (keepdir and auth secrets)
c6e4070 implemented input scanner
57a168e pkg: removed unused code
40376bb re-implemented ScanInputs
0383c6b remove unused test helper
828f9d9 script deploy plugged to docGenerator repo + rename doc/ to docs/
471b578 stdlib: #FetchGit extra args
85cc9ab stdlib: adapted lib to new input spec
5bd3349 stdlib: add GKE support
4edc2ad stdlib: aws/s3: removed unused input attr
da5ee15 stdlib: fixed aws double execution because of cache volumes
0f69f3a stdlib: gcr support
16edfc4 stdlib: rename js/react.#App to js/yarn.#Package
b526093 stdlib: simpler and cleaner performance workaround
b9083f7 update docs
e71d81f update github doc action
36b20c6 version: use to check terminal

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