github dagger/dagger v0.1.0-alpha.24

latest releases: helm/chart/v0.1.0, sdk/elixir/v0.9.3, sdk/nodejs/v0.9.3...
2 years ago


6744045 1006 test implementation
74b1ac3 ci: re-enable localstack tests
ad2f9b3 1003 test implementation
82d4598 1004 test implementation
dc865bf 1008 test implementation
6ef0cfe 1008: Implement on LocalStack
00f7e63 1010 test implementation
a8e218d Add basic test for kubernetes kind documentation
8e9a56a Add doc-test to CI - Add Cue dependency to integration CI test
c8e3755 Add git.#Commit definition and git.#Image
a91181b Add kubernetes test for kind cue-manifest
bdcb917 Add kubernetes test for kind deployment
02e7cd3 Add missing tests to 1007-gcp test
5fcaaa6 Add test for kube-aws basic & deployment
f24af77 Add test for kube-aws cue-manifest part
2a15682 Add test for kube-gcp basic step
4d03638 Add test for kube-gcp cue-manifest step
1830b34 Add test for kube-gcp deployment step
4ad2c8e Add test on git.#Commit
6f0a0b4 Doc test suite integration
73dc020 Explain how to develop packages locally
cf7e222 Fix bats dagger to bats dagger() expansion not working inside shellscript
99d2494 Fix localstack setup issue on local run
9448fba Fix structural cycle error
a9fd97d Handle secrets in DockerLogin operation
cf13257 Improve SecretStore integration with new method
95040d8 Improve git package according to Sam comments
e7a7382 Improve test policy for examples
b145d03 Update CI workflow to test documentation
7cc1c8e Update docker package according to op.#PushContainer improvement
eabf1b5 Update docker push tests
6a442fa Update kubernetes documentation to directly use cue files
019b568 Update old git test
a00fbb0 Update op.#PushContainer test to use secrets
2bcd7a7 bats - fix 1004 wrong cmd + move helper.bats cmd to make it more generic
6348686 ci: disabled kubernetes tests temporarily
6360ccc localstack/fix-input-bool-type: change localstack test input from str to bool
3453675 rebase merge conflicts fix
a903f91 update package manager docs with new dagger/packages repo

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