github dagger/dagger v0.1.0-alpha.21

2 years ago


5908aa6 Adding support for azure and create a resource group
f979135 Amending changes from @TomChv
a99fc52 Amending changes from @TomChv
d74753b Amending changes from @TomChv
90388b0 Docs: fix broken link
c3139cb Docs: fix dup navbar, pt 1
4a9a355 Docs: fix dup navbar, pt 2
cff35ba Docs: more robust link
a29d217 Docs: rewrite "what is Dagger" to emphasize integration
6976e32 Fix typo in
4a84f32 Fix typos in docs
bdd6b5a Port azure.#CLI from up to os.#Container + manual testing + integrate bats test
29a42d1 build(deps): bump from 0.9.0-rc1 to 0.9.0
a4f86f5 build(deps): bump sass from 1.35.2 to 1.36.0 in /website
5cc1a0f ci: disable GHA cache for buildkit
31d36e5 fix: 🐛 display target blank icon only for sidebar menu
cbcb198 git package - add keepGitDir option
9f90aca op.#Exec hack: improve performance by 100x on big configs
db459ae os.#Container: inherit PATH from the container image
35fb7e0 stdlib/aws/s3: replaced sync with cp by default to avoid cache issues
67d5609 support buildkit cache export/import

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