github dagger/dagger v0.1.0-alpha.19

2 years ago


781e11b Bump buildkit to v0.9.0-rc1
afc640c Fix typo in docs
99d2514 Move to OpenTelemetry
ac32d6f buildkit client does not return environment to force the caller to implement its logic in the build callback
9473d54 cmd/common: restored no-cache behavior
d1962b5 cmd/input: validate cue code with new inputs before persisting to the workspace
ce7adc1 cmd/up/compute: unify buildkit sessions to use only one
f185088 cmd/up: fixed missing inputs error
f726a4b cmd: added comment for input validation (per Andrea's pr comment)
d4c8350 cmd: centralize code for buildkit client creation
b37db8e cmd: implemented input validation when updating environment
79d2e72 cmd: ported code to new client function signature, force one client per session
84acad8 cmd: refacto client creation to use only one (fixes #798)
fb87ad5 infra: enable cloudfront for releases download

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