github dagger/dagger v0.1.0-alpha.18

2 years ago


5d8219a Add Cloud Run support
8c5b427 Add Cloud Run support
ae209ee Add compose.#Up test in universe
9270168 Add docker-compose package in stdlib
b6c8ef3 Add docker-compose tests
f807314 Add maven package in stdlib
a4856e7 Add new test to docker that push to 2 registry in one plan
020c458 Add project management in compose.#App definition
e1c7289 Add random name generation to avoid orphans during parallel CI
0501ae9 Adds support for op.#FetchHTTP
7776e6d Check if problem is linked with docker from docker
8e8438e Compose tests doesn't bind a special port anymore
6c5b404 Fix 101 use typo in outputs
7d1bbcc Fix docker hub login error when using image ref as target
7615740 Fix english typos Kubes doc
2f710b0 Fix login miss behavior and update op
f2d8cb3 Fix network error on docker-compose
a24595d Fix tests
200a3d1 Hide unimplemented commands
b1ed40f Improve #docker.Push definition :
72fcd72 Improve
58a67cf Improve parseAuthHost function to work for all ref
8942b77 Improve “what is Dagger”
921f845 Keep same website for netlify tests
6e363f8 Merge branch 'cloudrun-support' of into cloudrun-support
1b61871 Merge branch 'main' into cloudrun-support
104928f Merge branch 'main' into cloudrun-support
650caa8 Merge branch 'main' into cloudrun-support
15792fb Move Cloud Run image property to GCP config struct
83eebf8 Move Cloud Run image property to GCP config struct
dd73df5 Move CloudRun tests to stdlib/gcp/cloudrun
67a982e Move push and pull tests plans to docker subpackages
c99e39e Move tests plan from dagger dir to universe
e3eee60 Netlify: leverage --fail-with-body to finally print error's output
5468f60 Normalize reference to login on registry
01ad5e4 README: fix Discord link
34382fd Reduce the number of character from helm chart to avoid bugs
5029b5d Refactor compose.#Up definition to use docker.#Command
f1a6f66 Remove all docker-compose stdlib tests
f842f1e Remove old docker push and pull test
9109052 Remove random generation tag because it's not needed anymore.
d10f2a4 Rename field according to @shykes review
aaa6f8f Simplify tests
d5457d6 Skip Docker.#Local in bats tests (not working) + fix stdout redirection issue leading to warning loglevel and tests not failing on missing inputs
62d27aa Skip push test to avoid data race (must be fix later)
25ff825 Update Cloud Run docs
31714de Update Cloud Run docs
78567ed Update cloudrun universe docs
c6b02b3 Update cloudrun universe docs
51fe199 Update doc generator to ignore tests directory
2fbb9e7 Update import to alpha version
e4ac04c Update import to new alpha version
794f27f Update setup kind cluster action
189fb71 Updated the Installer and Docs
4004220 [Installation] - Improve Installation for Windows Users
fd60355 added DCO requirement to the contributing guide
4ad5434 aws: force dependency between deploy and verify
31fb7ec build(deps): bump docusaurus-plugin-sass from 0.2.0 to 0.2.1 in /website
93f3570 build(deps): bump from 1.1.3 to 1.2.1
d8bbfcd build(deps): bump from 1.8.0 to 1.8.1
9d810e3 build(deps): bump from 1.38.0 to 1.39.0
c941f5c build(deps): bump prismjs from 1.23.0 to 1.24.0 in /website
f5030d5 build(deps): bump react-social-login-buttons in /website
6469621 build(deps): bump sass from 1.35.1 to 1.35.2 in /website
cc004eb ci: run universe tests as a separate CI job
ecb5356 cmd doc: skip cue.mod
06b671a commit missing cue.mod
ecd4099 docker.#Push: Set auth as optional
41620e6 list: use homedir rather than os/user
a78a678 move Cloud Run tests to universe/stdlib env
92278cf move cloudrun guide to docs/learn
919d557 plan: default cue module to .
78c8779 remove leftovers
6451e2e remove old gcp cloudrun tests
ebc0517 remove the cloudrun example
293ee06 rename Cloud Run Deploy to Service
745d108 stdlib/netlify: added support for netlify build
6fb9690 stdlib/netlify: bump netlify-cli version
635b930 stdlib: Add GCS support
f58ee58 universe vendoring
898b081 universe: add cue.mod
99085a0 universe: stop using deprecated plan module
c244212 update cloudrun imports to use
a1dbbf7 update cloudrun tests
c480a74 update cloudrun tests inputs
6e215b1 use the workspace as the plan module

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