github dagger/dagger v0.1.0-alpha.17

2 years ago


49277af Add simple test environment for core features
2e9a0d6 Add test to universe
6ed3ab7 Complete refacto of CF's doc + fix output issue on Cloudformation package
656b010 Docs: 102: use new dagger.#Input in sample code
b999a3d Remove old stdlib tests
e8b8c47 Remove original examples directory
b1d5225 Tests: merge compute.bats into core.bats
9c20c45 Use sandbox in tests
6ff2fed cmd/doc: add support for generating package index
77e5b2f feat: 🐛 add amplitude analytics
af7df8c fix: 🐛 change netlify context to deploy with auth
4d9ef37 log stderr output as INFO
aa63352 os.#Container: mount secrets with a more consistent API
9d85bab os.#File: simplify API
8383efd stdlib: dagger.#Input
53f4ef0 stdlib: dagger.#Output
d7a805f stdlib: move all imports to

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