github dagger/dagger v0.1.0-alpha.10

latest releases: helm/chart/v0.1.0, sdk/elixir/v0.9.3, sdk/nodejs/v0.9.3...
2 years ago


f876021 Add #Run definition in docker stdlib package.
7c4df82 Add docker.#Client definition
27a60d3 Add tests for docker.#Run
42624ed Dagger List cmd : change error message to a more verbose one
d74efa2 Fix index out of bound for Dagger compute inputs + add tests ["input-dir", "input-git", input-string"]
4b6315e Handle fingerprint option for auth
a2cd2d7 Remove out-of-date cli spec file
242b619 Update sops version to fix CI
b627b4b add support for excludes in input dir
6e3ec02 added support for output scanning
ebbc970 automatically redact secrets from logs
40d4c95 aws: use secrets
9c0e2d1 buildkit secrets support
f2819dc ci: import dagger key
ba5078e cmd/dagger: share code for input/output management
03d58e0 cmd/input: changed list output based on feedback
91c2acd cmd/input: list filters out \n
1a59c9c cmd/output: added support for listing outputs
270d8b4 cmd/output: implemented list --all
10d1b01 cmd/output: list now lists all outputs everytime, even if not concrete - also allows to show outputs even if the env was never computes (based on UX feedback)
efb4ee2 cmd/up: disable output list when not a tty + better error handling
571b5c8 cmd/up: downgrade output list error from Fatal to Warning
d6b6142 cmd/up: show outputs at the end of the config execution
ec47307 cue fmt
9deb80c dagger input edit
06a515f environments only ignore the compute layer if it is empty instead of logging a fatal error
e86963e examples/simple-s3: added output annotation
56e60c5 examples: added outputs/inputs annotations
2bd4679 fixed ci
21b259f stdlib/aws/s3: removed trailing \n
5718c41 stdlib: gcp: fix typo
2e748c9 stdlib: kubernetes: misc fixes
59695f6 stdlib: netlify: fix regression of trailing new lines
cd19a42 stdlib: put full definition of #Op behind a build attribute
28fd9c3 stdlib: update gcp to use secrets
5fb7ded update stdlib tests that use secrets
c5c586f use ~/.config/dagger rather than ~/.dagger

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