github dagger/dagger sdk/python/v0.6.0

11 days ago

This SDK is compatible with 🚙 Engine + 🚗 CLI version v0.6.0


What's Changed

  • feat: build and from keep previous configuration. by @TomChv in #5052
  • Prepend truncated error output with notice by @helderco in #5163
  • Increase truncation limit on error output by @helderco in #5164
  • Python: Add convenience to await on an object that has .sync() by @helderco in #5159
  • Fix error handling in truncation notice by @helderco in #5179
  • Add custom ExecError by @helderco in #5184
  • Add expand option when adding environment variables by @helderco in #5160
  • Deprecate the synchronous version of the Python SDK by @helderco in #5193
  • sdk: Bump engine dependency to v0.6.0 by @github-actions in #5194

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