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7 months ago

This SDK is compatible with 🚙 Engine + 🚗 CLI version v0.5.1

What's Changed

  • SDK - Node.js - Pipe SIGINT to child process by @slumbering in #4911
  • Container: add withExec(skipEntrypoint: Boolean) by @vito in #4919
  • sdk: nodejs: consistent label name by @grouville in #4914
  • fix: sdk/nodejs: Handle empty strings and undefined/null args in buildArgs function by @grouville in #4972
  • feat: pass secrets to Container.Build and Directory.Build by @dolanor in #4971
  • Support configuring ownership (almost) everywhere by @vito in #4932
  • core: Implicitly call entrypoint + defaultArgs when needed by @helderco in #5039
  • sdk: Bump engine dependency to v0.5.1 by @github-actions in #5054

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