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latest releases: helm/chart/v0.1.0, sdk/elixir/v0.9.3, sdk/nodejs/v0.9.3...
8 months ago

This SDK is compatible with 🚙 Engine + 🚗 CLI version v0.4.0

⚠️ Requires Go v1.20 or newer


What's Changed

  • This version introduces service containers, aka container-to-container networking. This feature enables users to spin up additional long-running services (as containers) and communicate with those services from their Dagger pipelines. Learn more here.
  • fix: contents was not assigned in go_sdk tests by @kjuulh in #4650
  • Flush engine logs on Go SDK client close by @vito in #4656

API Changes

Other Changes

  • sdk: Bump engine dependency to v0.4.0 by @github-actions in #4737

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