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GodMode9 v2.0.0 Fifth Anniversary Release

Today marks the 5th anniversary of the first public GodMode9 release. With this being a special day, a proper release is in order. The conjoined changelog is long, it includes 189 commits, 437 days of development work and two prereleases. The two killer features in this one, for most users, will be the new title manager and the ability to install basically anything (read below), but there are countless other goodies in there, such as the revamped title info, better support for carts and lots of under-the-hood improvements

This is new since the last prerelease:

  • [new] Completely revamped title info, with special info for installed titles, TMDs and CIAs
  • [new] Initial CARD2 save read support for carts (thanks @dratini0!)
  • [improved] Title manager now includes a ticket dumper
  • [improved] Release ntrboot FIRMs now include scripts (thanks @gholms)
  • [improved] Software keyboard now includes firstrun instructions
  • [improved/fixed] Various smaller visual improvements and bugfixes

In addition, this is new since the last proper release:

  • [new] Possibility to install NCCH, NCSD (.3DS), DSiWare NDS, CIA, NUS/CDN, DSi CDN content to the system
  • [new] Title manager available via HOME menu
  • [new] Mount support for title.db (thanks @aspargas2)
  • [new] Support for handling variable sized tickets (thanks @luigoalma)
  • [new] Completely rewritten MCU event handler (fixes a lot of stuff) (thanks @Wolfvak)
  • [new] NDS carts can be dumped with secure area encrypted (thanks @mariomadproductions for testing)
  • [new] Gamecart drive G:/ now includes an info text file (thanks @GerbilSoft)
  • [new] Tickets can now be verified, installed and identified
  • [new] Trimming functionality for GBA rom dumps
  • [improved] Several improvements to the GM9 MegaScript (thanks @aspargas2)
  • [improved] Improved CIA builder, with stricter checks for legit builds
  • [improved] Better handling of special cases in cart dumper (thanks @GerbilSoft)
  • [improved] Tons of small performance improvements (thanks @Wolfvak)
  • [improved] Much smaller firm size (thanks @Wolfvak)
  • [improved] Proper mount support for ticket.db (thanks @aspargas2)
  • [scripting] install command for installing game images
  • [scripting] Quotes can be escaped (\") in variables*
  • [fixed] Fixed screen init (for real this time!) (thanks @Wolfvak)

Killer Feature 1: Title manager
The title manager may be the one feature most relevant to our users in this release. It enables you to get an overview of your installed titles, build CIAs and even (batch-) uninstall stuff from your system. To enter the title manager, press and select Title manager. SD installed titles are found on the A:/ drive, system titles and DSiWare titles are found on the 1:/ drive.

Killer Feature 2: Universal installer
The other killer feature in this release is the ability to install basically anything to your system. You can install CIA (obvious), NCSD (also called .3DS files), NCCH, DSiWare .NDS dumps, 3DS CDN/ NUS contents and DSi CDN contents. It's even possible to install a title directly from one of your gamecarts. For DSi CDN contents, the Nintendo DSi (Digital) (CDN) dat-file over on No-Intro may help you get your CDN files in order. You will also need to provide a decTitlekeys.bin file (with DSi titlekeys included) inside the 0:/GM9/support/ folder.

How do I update GodMode9?
You wouldn't believe how often we get that question when we do a new release. It's actually very simple: Just replace GodMode9.firm on your SD card with the file found in the release ZIP. You may also want to update scripts, which are found in gm9 folder inside the archive and go to the same folder on your SD card.

Did you know?
We actually missed last years' anniversary release by a solid 5 months, and all you got back then was a prerelease. GodMode9 is a side project for all of our main developers (that's @Wolfvak, @aspargas2 and myself), so it has to take second place to real life(tm) at times. Gladly, we're able to get this release out in time. Thanks go out to the numerous people who helped make this possible, including contributing developers, people who submitted bug reports & feature requests and least but not last, you, the users, who motivate us to keep on improving GodMode9.

6 months ago