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GodMode9 v1.9.3pre1

Has it really been half a year since the last prerelease and more than one year since the last proper release? Obviously it has, so a new one is overdue. This is another prerelease, with a lot of new stuff:

  • [new] Completely rewritten MCU event handler (fixes a lot of stuff) (thanks @Wolfvak)
  • [new] Ability to install, build CIA from, verify, identify DSi CDN content (read below)
  • [new] Title manager available via HOME menu (read below)
  • [new] NDS carts can be dumped with secure area encrypted (thanks @mariomadproductions for testing)
  • [new] Gamecart drive G:/ now includes an info text file (thanks @GerbilSoft)
  • [new] Tickets can now be verified, installed and identified
  • [new] Trimming functionality for GBA rom dumps
  • [improved] Improved title info functionality, now compatible with more files
  • [improved] Several improvements to the GM9 MegaScript (thanks @aspargas2)
  • [improved] Several improvements to the game image installer
  • [improved] Improved CIA builder, with stricter checks for legit builds
  • [improved] Better handling of special cases in cart dumper (thanks @GerbilSoft)
  • [fixed] Proper seed handling when installing game images to the system
  • [fixed] Countless smaller fixes and improvements, too many to list
  • [scripting] Quotes can be escaped (\") in variables

A prerelease again?
I know what you're thinking: you want a proper release, with no strings attached. In fact, this will be coming, too, and very soon. We're doing a prerelease now so the testing can start. This might be a little rough around the edges, and we're hoping the community will help us get rid of any quirks left. Everything in GM9 needs testing, but especially the new stuff mentioned in the changelog above. Looking forward to your bug reports!

Title manager
The title manager may be the one feature most relevant to our users in this release. It enables you to get an overview of your installed titles, build CIAs and even (batch-) uninstall stuff from your system. To enter the title manager, press and select Title manager. SD installed titles are found on the A:/ drive, system titles and DSiWare titles are found on the 1:/ drive.

Handling DSi CDN content
The other killer feature in this release is the ability to handle contents from the DSi CDN. That means you are now able to install, build a CIA from, verify or identify any title that was in the DSi eShop. You're on your own providing these files, of course. The Nintendo DSi (Digital) (CDN) dat-file over on No-Intro may help you get your CDN files in order. You will also need to provide a decTitlekeys.bin file (with DSi titlekeys included) inside the 0:/GM9/support/ folder.

latest release: v2.0.0
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