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GodMode9 v1.9.2pre1 Fourth Anniversary Edition

Yup, we're pretty late for this. Real life(tm) got in the way, and we didn't make the anniversary release on time this year. With the recent influx of screeninit relate bug reports we got another very good reason to finally give you this. Here's the new GodMode9 release and this is what you get:

  • [new] Mount support for title.db (thanks @aspargas2)
  • [new] Support for handling variable sized tickets (thanks @luigoalma)
  • [improved] Proper mount support for ticket.db (thanks @aspargas2)
  • [improved] Various improvements to the CIA builder, mostly for CIA from NCSD
  • [improved] Tons of small performance improvements (thanks @Wolfvak)
  • [improved] Much smaller firm size (thanks @Wolfvak)
  • [fixed] Fixed screen init (for real this time!) (thanks @Wolfvak)
  • [fixed] Tons of small bug fixes
  • [preview] Possibility to install NCCH, NCSD (.3DS), DSiWare NDS, CIA, NUS/CDN to the system

Did you know?
The actual first public release of GodMode9 was GodMode9 v0.2.0, which was released on March 22nd, 2016. A lot has happened since then, and a lot of people contributed to this with code, bug reports and testing. GodMode9 transitioned from early entrypoints (Brahma anyone?) to the modern FIRM sighax entrypoint and gained more and more functionality, leading it to be what it is today - one of the most important swiss army knife utilities for the Nintendo 3DS console.

A prerelease?
While this has undergone basic testing, and we made sure nothing bad will happen, it is still considered beta state. New stuff may still be a little rough around the edges. Your feedback will help us to improve on what's left to do. We already know, turning off the backlight on a closed lid does no more work (a fix is in the works). We also included a preview of what we're currently working on - installing game images (directly from game cartridges works, too) to your system. This feature should still be used with caution (not marked as preview for no reason, maybe have a NAND backup ready?). Game installing will be improved and extended upon in the coming release.

GodMode9 bootloader
When we introduced the GodMode9 bootloader, there was basically just one other alternative, which was boot9strap. We intended to provide the user with an alternative, providing more customization and possibilities. Nowadays, we got fastboot3ds (which coincidentally is also coauthored by d0k3), and, if we're honest, the GodMode9 bootloader just can't hold the candle to fastboot3DS (not as a bootloader, that is). For this reason, the GodMode9 bootloader will be removed starting with the next major release. If you feel that decision is not right, you're free to discuss with us. We're available in the GodMode9 Discord channel.

GodMode9 is not a one man project, it wouldn't have gotten anywhere near what it is today without the help of numerous people. A big thank you for this release goes to @aspargas2, who provided a ton of code, including support for ticket.db and title.db manipulation (laying the base for game image installing) and lots of other, smaller bugfixes. Another big thank you goes to @profi200, who provided the solution to our screen init issues and to @Wolfvak, for porting that solution to GodMode9, in addition to all the work he's putting into improvements of the GodMode9 code base and performance. I also thank everyone who helped us out with bug reports, testing and all members of the official GodMode9 Discord channel.

latest releases: v2.0.0, v1.9.3pre1
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