github cycloidio/terracognita v0.8.4

9 days ago


  • Azurerm added new resources: azurerm_recovery_services_vault, azurerm_backup_policy_vm, azurerm_backup_protected_vm, azurerm_data_protection_backup_instance_disk, ¬†azurerm_data_protection_backup_policy_disk
    (Issue #383)
  • Azurerm now can use the --tags filter
    (Issue #361)
  • Ability declare module variables on map types
    (Issue #365)
  • Support for ExactlyOneOf configuration for the schema so the generated HCL is correct
    (Issue #340)


  • Update azurerm template for irregular cases in List method arguments order
    (Issue #383)
  • Validation for specific provider tags to ignore is done now on the Provider implementation
    (Issue #358)
  • Added new Azure resource: azurerm_api_management
  • Added new Azure resource: azurerm_backup_policy_vm_workload


  • Nested HCL Maps now are written correctly
    (Issue #337)
  • Cyclic dependencies between resources now it's fixed
    (Issue #379)
  • aws_db_subnet_group that have name: "default" are now ignored as they are managed by AWS
    (Issue #376)
  • aws_alb_listener_rule and aws_lb_listener_rule that have priority: 99999 are now ignored as they are managed by AWS
    (Issue #375)

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