github curlconverter/curlconverter v4.5.0

latest release: v4.6.0
one month ago
  • Generate Node.js + Got code
  • Support multiple URLs and --next (for Python, other languages use the first URL)
  • --url-query, --proto-default, --http3-only
  • Merge repeated headers' values
  • Generate code that gets env variables and runs subcommands at runtime for most languages that allow it
  • Fix $ in strings being incorrectly interpreted as env variables
  • Support --form, --max-time, --insecure and --compressed in Go
  • Improve serialization of data as strings in Rust, Ruby, R, MATLAB, Elixir, Dart and C#
  • JSON data is converted to a JS object in JSON output instead of being a string

Minor changes:

  • Fix curlconverter -
  • Parse URLs similarly to how curl parses them
  • JSON outputs follow_redirects, timeout, connect_timeout and auth_type/aws_sigv4/delegation
  • Remove backslash escapes from URL
  • PHP headers are now (correctly) regular arrays instead of associative arrays
  • Fix parsing of single quote Bash strings (backslashes were incorrectly escaping newlines and single quotes)
  • --compressed in C#
  • Go deprecated ioutil.ReadAll for io.ReadAll()

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