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pre-release9 years ago

This is a pre-release version of goiardi 0.9.0, an incremental bugfix release that's coming out to address some issues while the work on 1.0.0 (bringing orgs and RBAC and getting up to speed with Chef 12 to goiardi) continues.

With this release, goiardi validates IP addresses supplied on the command line or in config files, sorting searches works, and the document indexes get compressed to keep goiardi's RAM usage sane when a lot of stuff's been indexed. Ordinarily this wouldn't be worthy of a minor version bump, but it does change the format of the on-disk index save file. If upgrading, just delete the existing index file and rebuild it with knife index rebuild.

If upgrading goiardi from source, make sure to run go get -u - the go-trie package has been updated.

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