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v0.11.10 - Tomato Catchup

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4 years ago

This announcement actually includes the info from both the 0.11.10 release and the 0.11.9 release as well. For a small variety of reasons, including the fact that these past two releases were both pretty small and because I've been cranking on the Chef Server 12 support lately, I never got around to drafting formal releases and binaries. At last, here they are. There's a fix to remove a dependency that was being removed from Debian, and two small changes to support newer versions of the chef tools.


* It was brought to my attention by @joerg that 'create_key' is now a valid JSON
  hash key for when creating clients with newer chef tools. Added it to the
  whitelist of valid elements for creating clients. Thanks again for bringing
  it to my attention.

* Follow chef RFC041. Newer chef-clients and knifes (knives?) were breaking
  goiardi wasn't following this RFC by reporting the supported api versions.
  (Thanks julian7 for the PR and bringing it to my attention.)
* Remove dependency on - it's failing some tests on
  the Debian build servers, and goiardi's liable to get kicked out of testing
  shortly if it isn't addressed. Since goiardi wasn't actually using utf8string
  for anything real complicated, it was easy enough to tear that out and whip
  up a replacement with built-in functions. (Thanks jordi for bringing this
  situation to my attention as well.)

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