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v0.11.1 - Dimetrodon

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7 years ago

Not a big release in and of itself, but these changes seemed worth getting released sooner rather than later to make it in before the stretch freeze if possible.

The most important change, generally, is the reworking of reindexing - now, reindexing jobs won't pile up on top of each other, and the jobs are split into smaller, hopefully more manageable chunks. Storing secrets in vault is pretty neat too, though.

The CHANGELOG, this time:

  • Allow storing secrets (client & user public keys, shovey signing private
    keys, and user password hashes) in an external service. Currently only vault
    is supported.
  • Rework reindexing to break it into smaller chunks and ensure that only one
    reindexing job can run at a time.
  • Package goiardi for RHEL 7 and Debian jessie for s390x. Rather experimental,
    of course.

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