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v0.10.3 - The Fatal Mistake

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8 years ago

Bugfixes in this release, along with packaging work and dealing with some external libraries either being moved or deleted. This was originally going to be 0.10.2 (and named "Incitatus", after Caligula's horse), but while compiling binaries I found a problem where the steps that should have allowed Windows binaries to be compiled weren't working for some reason. Now, goiardi has taken handling the case where someone tries to use syslog on Windows into its own hands.

From the CHANGELOG (for both 0.10.2 and 0.10.3):

* Handle someone trying to use syslog on Windows ourselves, rather than
  letting the logging library do it (it was causing trouble with gox).

* Fix up packaging and deploy scripts a bit
* Add sql schemas to the deb
* Fixed a logic error when configuring the address to listen on where the
  value specified in the config file was always ignored, and only an address
  specified on the command line worked. (Thanks to jordi and DQEbert here for
  bringing this to my attention.)
* Added options to specify proxy hostname and port different than what goairdi
  itself is listening on. (Thanks to jordi and DQEbert here as well.)
* CoC
* Added Debian wheezy to the list of distros we generate packages for.
* The logging library goiardi used moved. It had been forked, but since the
  dependencies of said fork also moved, goiardi switched to the new version of
  that library. Happily the logger library had added logging to syslog as an
  option, so we just went back to using upstream at the new location.  (Thanks
  to theckman for providing a fix for this.)
* In concert with the above, add a "fatal" log level.
* Terraform removed the depgraph module, so that's been vendored into goiardi
  along with its digraph dependency.

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