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v0.10.1 - Presto, su! Mario!

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8 years ago

Just a bugfix release, but there's quite a few fixed bugs to be found here.


  • Fix some tests
  • Scripts, configuration files for more efficient packaging
  • circleci integration
  • Bomb on importing data if public keys don't validate. (thanks jordi and DQEbert for bringing this to my attention.)
  • Validate older PKCS#1 keys -- golang's stdlib pukes on them without some
    massaging. (thanks jordi and DQEbert for bringing this to my attention.)
  • Fix reindexing - databags were not being reindexed with the postgres search,
    and the SaveItem calls were moved to goroutines; otherwise, the request
    from knife would time out and knife would restart the reindex.
  • Allow '.' in cookbook names; despite what an error chef-pedant is looking
    for, those are allowed. (thanks jordi and DQEbert for bringing this to my attention.)
  • Make the authentication lib more general (thanks theckman)
  • Output the version of golang used to build a particular goiardi binary
    (again, thanks theckman)
  • The changed hostname in URLs to download bug didn't get fixed in 0.7.1 quite
    all the way after all. It is now. (Thanks to oker1 for bringing that to my
  • Fixed search tests to pass when run using more than one processor. (Brought
    to my attention by theckman.)
  • Fixed a deadlock that could happen when saving an in-mem index to disk at
    the exact moment an object was being indexed. Seems to be specific to
    go1.5.1 (or at least it never happened before that I saw), but needs fixed
    anyway. (Also brought to my attention by theckman.)
  • Fixed broken pipe errors with too large requests when running chef-pedant
    against goiardi built with go 1.5.1.
  • Update some docs.

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