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3 years ago

Bug fixes

  • [jss] Fix multiple .addRule calls with font-face (1280)
  • [jss] Allow a Comment node as insertion point (1284)


  • [jss-plugin-rule-value-function] Add warning when using a function value inside a function rule (1285)
  • [react-jss] Typescript support for createUseStyles theme (1294)
  • [jss, react-jss] - getDynamicStyles utility function was originally exposed from jss package, but I don't think it was used externally, so I moved it to react-jss package and made it internal. If you have been using it as public API let me know, we will have to revert the change.
  • [examples] Migrate examples to monorepo (1306)


  • [jss-plugin-default-unit] Allow options to pass function transforms in (1292)

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