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🚧 Work in Progress

Cryptomator-1.6.0-alpha1-x64.exe: baeaf9ee7edb19e5a20ac47ce841e40a484090350ff14d6e2b740f6f4c32fcff
Cryptomator-1.6.0-alpha1.dmg: 3b6d7b72f7ebd9f47945f7cc8b15de29329702467fd7dc2a97bb59869d4f4d2d

⚠️ Keep in mind that this is a pre-release version intended for testing!

New Vault Format

With version 1.6.0, we introduce the new vault format 8. Already existing vaults must be migrated before they can be used. Newly created vaults will already be in vault format 8. As always, the migration can be done with Cryptomator.

For more info about the new format, see for in-depth details.

Issues addressed in this release: #1617, #96

latest release: 1.6.0-alpha2
pre-release3 months ago