github cryptomator/cryptomator 1.5.15

What's New

  • Improved VaultLocationScreen in AddVault Workflow: New default providers, higher focus on the storage path, and unified design. (#1620, #1621)
  • Renamed Donation Key: It's now called a "Supporter Certificate", addressing community concerns about misinterpretation. (#1613)
  • Observed Vaults: GUI reacts to external unmount events of unlocked vaults by locking those and showing correct vault status. (#1508)


  • Fixed creation of invalid relative symlinks (#1612)


  • Updating to JavaFX 16

📜 A complete list of closed issues is available here

latest releases: 1.6.0-alpha2, 1.6.0-alpha1, 1.5.16...
3 months ago