github cryptomator/cryptomator 1.5.14

What's New

  • Improved Context Menu: While fixing a bug here, we enhanced the context menu of the vault list with every important action you can perform with a vault. (#1595)
  • Reveal via Masterkey File: Double-clicking a masterkey file can now directly reveal the mount location, if the vault is already added and unlocked. (#176)


  • Fixed prevention of application start due to failed update check (#1245)
  • Fixed prevention of application start due to enforced UTF-8 encoding on Windows with non-Latin language setting (#1465)
  • Fixed removal of unlocked vault from vault list that shouldn't be possible (#1478)
  • Fixed confusing JVM error message during application start when JRE 8 was installed on the system (#1469)
  • Fixed missing files/folders containing characters from higher unicode planes (e.g., emojis) on macOS (#961)


  • Updated to JDK 16 (#1587)

📜 A complete list of closed issues is available here

latest releases: 1.6.0-alpha2, 1.6.0-alpha1, 1.5.16...
4 months ago