github cryptomator/cryptomator 1.5.12-beta1

🚧 Work in Progress

What's New

  • The minimize button: Due to the various issues with the current tray menu/icon, users can decide to add a minimize button to the title bar and prevent Cryptomator to add a tray icon. The setting can be found in the general settings window. (#1179)


  • Fixed certain error messages regarding failed unlock were surpressed at application start (#1519)
  • Fixed application crash after start on linux systems without session dbus (#1479)
  • Fixed bug in custom mount option parsing for Dokany, where default set of dokan specific options were taken if none were given by application (#1477)
  • Fixed reveal button not opening vault location in system file browser on linux systems (#1471)
  • Fixed application crashed after start if the system tray is not supported (#1476)
  • Fixed failed unlock if the vault storage location is read-only and vault is set to read-only (#1501)
  • Fixed application refused to start due to maleformed settings file (#1452)
latest releases: 1.6.0-alpha2, 1.6.0-alpha1, 1.5.16...
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