github cryptomator/cryptomator 1.5.11

What's New

  • Support for macFUSE 4.x (#1446)
  • Force Vault Lock (#1228, #1416): Before a vault is locked, Cryptomator checks if there are pending operations or open files. If so, it refuses to lock, but you can decide to force lock the vault anyway.
  • Autostart on Windows (#1439, #1440): Instead of the registry, the startup folder is used.


  • Fixed number of unlocked vaults that could not exceed the number of CPU cores using Dokany (#1442)
  • Fixed playing video files via VLC using Dokany (#1453)
  • Fixed broken autocompletion, case insensitivity, and search for files using Dokany (#1433)
  • Fixed reveal vault on certain Linux distributions (#1415)
  • Fixed donation keys that were rejected due to whitespaces (#1437)
  • Fixed quit dialog that could be opened multiple times (#1323, #1427)

Security Fixes

  • Saved vault passwords are not decryptable anymore by all local user accounts on Windows (#1429)

📜 The complete list of closed issues is available here.

latest releases: 1.6.0-alpha2, 1.6.0-alpha1, 1.5.16...
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