github cryptoadvance/specter-desktop v1.2.2

v1.2.1 (Hotfix release for Tor connections)


There are two types of binaries:

Specter Desktop

It's a windowed GUI application with Specter server included.
Supported platforms: Windows, MacOS, Linux (x86_64)

Note on Linux: you need to set up udev rules (included in the archive). Check out readme.

Note on macOS: The current build supports only macOS Catalina (10.15) or higher. If you'd like to run Specter on an older macOS version, you can install Specter from Pip.


It's a command-line program that only runs Specter server.
Supported platforms: Windows, MacOS, Linux (x86_64)

Signatures and hashes

sha256.signed.txt file contains sha256 hashes of all binary files and signed with @stepansnigirev's GPG key.
You can get the public key from here:
It is also available via or
Fingerprint of the key is 6F16 E354 F833 93D6 E52E C25F 36ED 357A B24B 915F, short id: 36ed357ab24b915f

Release notes

  • Bugfix: Hot fix for: Transactions sending/ signing failure
  • Bugfix: Hot fix for Tor connections
  • Bugfix: a minor bug that always shows address as used #927 (jleo84)
  • Bugfix: cypress-tests #961 (Kim Neunert)
  • Bugfix: Fix key initial format in wallet info #925 (benk10)
  • Bugfix: Use the request session API for authentification #958 (Jürgen Hötzel)
  • Chore: Bump cryptography from 3.2 to 3.3.2 #943 (dependabot[bot])
  • Chore: enable dev-restart-login #960 (Kim Neunert)
  • Chore: fix release-notes #928 (Kim Neunert)
  • Docs: Typos #941 (Max Hillebrand)
  • Feature: Add failed wallets popup #952 (benk10)
  • Feature: Freeze UTXO and select UTXO for new transaction from the UTXO tab #956 (benk10)
  • Feature: Use descriptor wallet for Bitcoin Core >= v0.21.0 #737 (Sjors Provoost)
  • UIUX: Add reason for why device is disabled in new wallet screen #932 (benk10)
  • UIUX: pass result of createpsbt call back to calculateEstimatedFee #945 (djpnewton)
  • UIUX: Preserve form status when creating a transaction #938 (djpnewton)
5 days ago