github cryptoadvance/specter-desktop v0.8.0


Binaries for this release will appear soon. Building in progress...

There are two types of binaries:

Specter Desktop

It's a windowed GUI application with Specter server included.
Supported platforms: Windows, MacOS, Linux (x86_64)

Note: In the remote mode Specter-Desktop will open a new window in the browser if you are using self-signed certificates or Tor. GUI app doesn't support it yet.

Note on Linux: you need to set up udev rules (included in the archive). Check out readme.

Note on MacOS: if Specter server doesn't start for a long time at the first launch, quit Specter, go to Applications, right click on Specter and click "open". After that Specter will launch normally, and from now on you can start it as usual.


It's a command-line program that only runs Specter server.
Supported platforms: Windows, MacOS, Linux (x86_64)

Release notes

  • Build: Refactor the desktop app to run Specter in a separate thread instead of from binaries (#370) (@stepansnigirev)
  • Devices: BitBox02 single-sig support (#393, #402) (@ben-kaufman, @stepansnigirev)
  • Bugfix: Fix file uploading (#327) (@ben-kaufman)
  • Bugfix: Properly handle errors with listwalletdir command (#331) (@stepansnigirev)
  • Bugfix: Fix logging ignoring the config (#348) (@k9ert)
  • Bugfix: On send screen, make the amount input steps match the unit selected (#350) (@ben-kaufman)
  • Bugfix: Fix Bitcoin Core fee calculation (#350, #367, #400) (@ben-kaufman, @stepansnigirev)
  • Bugfix: Remove loggings of unrelated logs (#362) (@k9ert)
  • Bugfix: Fix fee unit issues by using only sat/vbyte as Specter's fee unit (#372) (@ben-kaufman)
  • Bugfix: Fix wallets not showing up and inability to create wallets if a JSON file is damaged (#375)
  • Feature: Add option to verify merkle root and block headers (#334) (@mflaxman)
  • Feature: Allow pruned nodes to fetch from a block explorer the missing data needed for importing wallet funds when scanning for UTXO (#344) (@stepansnigirev)
  • Feature: Add HWI message signing (#345) (@ben-kaufman)
  • Feature: Support ColdCard Generic file export format (#349) (@stepansnigirev)
  • Feature: Allow configuring the Bitcoin Core RPC connection via environment variables (#351) (@k9ert)
  • Feature: Allow specifying BIP44 account number when importing device keys from USB (#360) (@ben-kaufman)
  • Feature: Allow arbitrary fee rate (#379) (@stepansnigirev)
  • Feature: Allow connecting to a remote Bitcoin Core node over Tor (#383) (@ben-kaufman)
  • UI: Make UI mobile-friendly (watch-only mode) (#326) (@ben-kaufman)
  • UI: Show current Specter version on the sidebar (#333) (@mflaxman)
  • UI: Add wallet keys list to wallet settings (#335) (@ben-kaufman)
  • UI: Improve scan for existing funds option when creating a wallet (#337) (@ben-kaufman)
  • UI: Allow toggling SLIP-132 format in wallet settings keys list (#343) (@ben-kaufman)
  • UI: Add send max amount button (#350) (@ben-kaufman)
  • UI: Add free-text transaction creation editor (#350) (@ben-kaufman)
  • UI: Add total transaction fee preview when composing a transaction (#350) (@ben-kaufman)
  • UI: Add tooltip to the Tor button (#364) (@ben-kaufman)
  • UI: Allow resizing QR codes used for communications with airgapped wallets (#380) (@ben-kaufman)
  • UI: New single-sig wallet and device setup wizard (#392) (@ben-kaufman)
  • UI: Align sidebar contents properly (#394) (@dennisreimann)
  • UI: Add about page to the sidebar (#401) (@moritzwietersheim, @ben-kaufman)
  • Refactoring: Small cleanup of the JSON-RPC server code (#322) (@PulpCattel)
  • Refactoring: Rearrange the utils and helpers files and functions (#352) (@stepansnigirev)
  • Devops: Automate Linux binary releases (#324) (@k9ert)
  • Devops: Add gen-certificate tool for self-signed certificates (#354) (@stepansnigirev)
  • Devops: Automate Windows binary releases (#361) (@k9ert)
  • Devops: Make pre-releases possible supporting semver (#371) (@k9ert)
  • Docs: Update the FAQ (#328, #378, #387, #395) (@kkdao, @k9ert)
  • Docs: Update Tor docs for Linux (#340) (@stepansnigirev)
  • Docs: Add Tor document link to the README (#357) (@k9ert)
  • Docs: Add FAQ link to the README (#355) (@Siimone)
  • Docs: Update FAQ with a question about devices vs. wallets (#357) (@k9ert)
  • Docs: Add Help Wanted section to the README (#357) (@moritzwietersheim)

Known Issues

  • The windows-binary is showing the the wrong version v0.7.2 even though it is indeed v0.8.0 (#407)
latest releases: v1.2.2, v1.2.1, 1.2.1...
5 months ago