github cryptoadvance/specter-desktop v0.5.2

Release notes:

  • Devices: Cobo Valut single-sig support (#189) (@stepansnigirev)
  • Devices: Support Specter-DIY v1.2.0 (#188) (@stepansnigirev)
  • Bugfix: Fix issue with wallets and devices not being loaded properly (#190) (@ben-kaufman)
  • Bugfix: Return button to display address on device for Ledger single-sig wallets (#187) (@stepansnigirev)
  • Bugfix: Allow same origin requests to HWI Bridge by default (#185) (@stepansnigirev)
  • Bugfix: Fix authentication and styles issues (#181) (@stepansnigirev)
  • UI: Improve sidebar UI when Bitcoin Core is not connected or not configured (#184) (@stepansnigirev)
latest releases: v1.2.2, v1.2.1, 1.2.1...
8 months ago