github cryptoadvance/specter-desktop v0.10.0


There are two types of binaries:

Specter Desktop

It's a windowed GUI application with Specter server included.
Supported platforms: Windows, MacOS, Linux (x86_64)

Note on Linux: you need to set up udev rules (included in the archive). Check out readme.


It's a command-line program that only runs Specter server.
Supported platforms: Windows, MacOS, Linux (x86_64)

Signatures and hashes

sha256.signed.txt file contains sha256 hashes of all binary files and signed with @stepansnigirev's GPG key.
You can get public key from here:
It is also available via or
Fingerprint of the key is 6F16 E354 F833 93D6 E52E C25F 36ED 357A B24B 915F, short id: 36ed357ab24b915f

Release notes

  • HWI: Fix integration with Ledger running the latest Bitcoin app (1.5.1) (#650) (@ben-kaufman)
  • HWI: Fix BitBox02 integration (#652) (@ben-kaufman)
  • Bugfix: Fix spelling mistake (#589) (@danielnordh)
  • Bugfix: Fix infinite pacman on backup (#576) (@stepansnigirev)
  • Bugfix: Specifying python version better (#574) (@k9ert)
  • Bugfix: Fix issue with error popup on Electron app (#609) (@ben-kaufman)
  • Bugfix: Fix failing to write backup causing wallet to disappear (#612) (@ben-kaufman)
  • Bugfix: Fix isascii for Python3.6 (#623) (@stepansnigirev)
  • Bugfix: Fix raw transaction processing (#626) (@stepansnigirev)
  • Bugfix: Add context menu to Electron app (#637) (@ben-kaufman)
  • Bugfix: Remove "ban" over BIP44 xpubs and set default network to mainnet if Bitcoin Core not detected (#643) (@stepansnigirev)
  • Bugfix: Fix paste psbt/ xpub prompts for desktop app + fix typo causing adding multisig issue (#649) (@ben-kaufman)
  • Bugfix: Fix signing issue with coldcard and cobo when cosigners' derivation path is not specified properly (#653) (@stepansnigirev)
  • Feature: Support Specter file format in import wallet screen (#580) (@ben-kaufman)
  • Feature: Use sat/vbytes as fee unit everywhere (#582) (@ben-kaufman)
  • Feature: Bundle Tor with macOS and Windows desktop apps (#610) (@ben-kaufman)
  • Feature: Add connect to node with QR code option (#611) (@ben-kaufman)
  • Feature: Wallet PDF backup (#614, #644) (@ben-kaufman)
  • Feature: Show Bitcoin price with amounts (#622) (@ben-kaufman)
  • Feature: Support using Specter as an offline signing device and coordinator (#625) (@ben-kaufman)
  • Feature: Transactions and addresses caching in CSV file (#625, #639) (@ben-kaufman)
  • UI: Add icons for all devices types (#592) (@stepansnigirev)
  • UI: New device wizard and various UI improvements (#598, #636, #641) (@ben-kaufman)
  • UI: Export wallet from new wallet wizard (#624) (@ben-kaufman)
  • UI: Addresses history list pagination and indicate for each address if it is already used or not (#635) (@ben-kaufman)
  • UI: Reorganize wallet settings page into tabs (#638) (@ben-kaufman)
  • Feature: RBF support (#587) (@ben-kaufman)
  • Refactoring: Swap to embit for xpub and address derivation (#588) (@stepansnigirev)
  • Refactoring: Improve logs, refactoring and improve checker tests (#595) (@k9ert)
  • Devops: Add release script (#594) (@k9ert)
  • Devops: Add pre-commit configuration (#596) (@k9ert)
  • Docs: Update Tor documentation (#613, #633) (@stepansnigirev)
  • Docs: Add daemon documentation (#621) (@stepansnigirev)
  • Test: Fix checker test (#616) (@stepansnigirev)
latest releases: v1.2.2, v1.2.1, 1.2.1...
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