github cryfs/cryfs 0.9.3

New Features:

  • The ciphertext block size is configurable. You can use the "--blocksize" command line argument.
    If not specified, CryFS will ask you for a block size when creating a file system.
  • It's easier for tools and scripts to use CryFS:
    If an environment variable CRYFS_FRONTEND=noninteractive is set, we don't ask for options
    (but take default values for everything that's not specified on command line).
    Furthermore, in noninteractive mode, we won't ask for password confirmation when creating a file system.
    The password only has to be sent once to stdin.
  • You can disable the automatic update check by setting CRYFS_NO_UPDATE_CHECK=true in your environment.

Fixed Bugs:

  • Building CryFS from the GitHub tarball (i.e. when there is no .git directory present) works.
  • A bug in the fstat implementation caused problems with some text editors (e.g. nano) falsely thinking a file changed since they opened it.
  • When trying to rename a file to an already existing file name, a bug deleted it instead.
  • Rename operation allows overwriting existing files, as specified in the rename(2) man page.


  • The generated .deb packages for Debian also work for the Devuan operating system.
latest releases: 0.11.0, 0.10.4, 0.11.0-rc1...
5 years ago