github cryfs/cryfs 0.9.0

(warning) file systems created with earlier CryFS versions are incompatible with this release.


  • Fully support file access times
  • Fix: Password is read from stdin, not from glibc getpass(). This enables external tools (e.g. GUIs) to pass in the password without problems.
  • Remove --extpass parameter, because that encourages tool writers to do bad things like storing a password in a file and using --extpass="cat filename".
    The password can now be passed in to stdin without problems, so tools should use that.
  • Works with zuluMount GUI,
  • Introduce version flags for file system entities to allow future CryFS versions to be backwards-compatible even if the format changes.
  • (for developers) New git repository layout. All subrepositories have been merged to one directory.
  • (for developers) Using CMake instead of biicode as build system.
latest releases: 0.11.0, 0.10.4, 0.11.0-rc1...
5 years ago