github cryfs/cryfs 0.11.0

Backwards Compatibility:

  • Filesystems created with CryFS 0.10.x can be mounted without requiring a migration.
  • Filesystems created with CryFS 0.11.x can be mounted by CryFS 0.10.x if you configure it to use a cipher supported by CryFS 0.10.x, e.g. AES-256-GCM. The new default, XChaCha20-Poly1305, is not supported by CryFS 0.10.x.


  • Added the XChaCha20-Poly1305 encryption cipher. For new filesystems, this will be the default, but you're still able to create a filesystem with the previous default of AES-256-GCM
    by saying "no" to the "use default settings?" question when creating the file system. Also, old filesystems will not be automatically converted and will keep using AES-256-GCM.
    XChaCha20-Poly1305 is significantly slower than AES-256-GCM on modern CPUs, but it is more secure for large filesystems (>64GB).
    For AES-256-GCM, it is recommended to encrypt at most 2^32 blocks, which at the CryFS default block size of 16KB would be 64GB. The more the filesystem grows above that, the
    more likely it gets that a nonce gets reused and the two corresponding blocks become decryptable by an adversary. Other blocks would not be affected, but an adversary being
    able to access those two blocks (i.e. 64KB of the stored data) is bad enough. See Section 8.3 in
    XChaCha20-Poly1305 does not suffer from this constraint and stays secure even if the filesystem gets very large.

New platforms:

  • CryFS now works on devices with Apple M1 silicon

Build changes:

  • Switch to Conan package manager
  • Allow an easy way to modify how the dependencies are found. This is mostly helpful for package maintainers. See "Using local dependencies" in the README.
  • Build with macFUSE instead of osxfuse on OSX
  • Now requires CMake 3.10 or later, and GCC 7 or later, or Clang 7 or later
  • Fix a build issue on Gentoo systems
  • Fix a build issue when building with boost 1.77


  • Display the file system configuration when mounting a file system
  • Now shows a better error message when failing to load the config file that distinguishes between "wrong password" and "config file not found".

New features:

  • Add support for atime mount options (noatime, strictatime, relatime, atime, nodiratime).
  • The new default is now noatime (in 0.10.x is was relatime).
    Noatime reduces the amount of writes necessary and with that reduces the probability of synchronization conflicts,
    and the probability of corrupted file systems if a power outage happens while writing.
  • Add an --immediate flag to cryfs-unmount that tries to unmount immediately and doesn't wait for processes to release their locks on the file system.
  • Add a --create-missing-basedir and --create-missing-mountpoint flag to create the base directory and mount directory respectively, if they don't exist, skipping the confirmation prompt.


  • Updated to spdlog 1.8.5
  • Updated to ranges-v3 0.11.0
  • Updated to boost 1.75
  • Updated to crypto++ 8.5
26 days ago